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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Protection Policy

Bizzporto.com respects the intellectual property rights of others, and we expect our users to do the same.

Unauthorized use of another party’s materials and trademarks are dealt with severely on our website.

We have deployed a procedure to facilitate cooperation between Bizzporto.com and aggrieved parties in protecting their intellectual property rights.

Bizzporto.com is not an expert in your intellectual property rights, and we cannot verify that the users of our B2B portal

who post thousands of products and offers on Bizzporto.com every day - have the right to sell the goods they are offering.

We appreciate your assistance in identifying listings which may not appear on their face to infringe your rights but which you believe are infringing.

Bizzporto.com is also not an arbiter or judge of disputes about intellectual property rights. By taking down a listing, as a prudential matter,

Bizzporto.com is not endorsing a claim of infringement.

Neither, in those instances in which Bizzporto.com declines to take down a listing, is Bizzporto.com determining that the listing is not infringing,

nor is Bizzporto.com endorsing the sale of goods in such cases.

submitting a report of alleged infringement to Bizzporto.com and asking Bizzporto.com to take down a listing,

you agree to indemnify Bizzporto.com against all the claims or damages related to the accused listing and those arising from its removal.

Procedure for reporting an alleged infringement to Bizzporto.com:

If you believe that a listing on Bizzporto.com infringes your copyright, trademark, patent or other intellectual property rights, you may download our

Notice of Claimed IPR Infringement form

complete it, and post it to our legal department at :

Upon receipt of your request form, we will promptly evaluate your complaint and send a notice to the accused party,

to which they have to respond within provided time frame.

This notice will contain your contact information so the accused party may contact you directly with an opportunity to respond.

If the accused party fails to respond within provided time frame, or to provide substantial proof of their right to sell the listed goods,

we will expeditiously take down the listing in question.

Repeat violations of our IPR policy may result in a range of actions, including:

- Removal of listing(s)

- Account suspension

- Dissolution of Service Contract

If the accused party objects to complain, they may submit to us an appropriate counter-notice to dispute the claim.

To take further action, you will be required to submit a notice in response, that an action has been filed against the accused party

in a court of competent jurisdiction for infringement of your intellectual property rights.