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AL83 or AL103 Series

AL83 or AL103 Series

AL83 or AL103 Series AL83/AL103 Series
Brand : AL83/AL103 Series
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Product Description:

AL83/AL103 Series is  single-line parallel centralized lubrication system, composed of plunger pump, single-line distributor, cycling indicator and monitor, achieving the application of high-viscosity NLGI-3# grease in alpine and frigid regions all year round. The ALP83 and ALP103 are high-pumping plunger pumps, and the ALP83H and ALP103H are frigid-type plunger pumps.

Wind turbine, port machinery, mining machinery, hoisting machinery, ship, construction machinery, woodworking equipment, beverage equipment, etc.
Working Principles
The system controls the high-pressure plunger pump for periodic running through the ECU LCD monitor. When the system works, the air pump pressurizes the sealed air chamber of the oil tank, the piston forces the high-viscosity grease to the inlet of the plunger pump; the plunger pump makes reciprocating motion to realize the grease suction and discharge. After entering the main oil line, the high-pressure grease is supplied to each lubrication points successively through the progressive distributor according to the specified sequence.
If the machinery equipment being lubricated is equipped with the air source, this high-pressure plunger pump series can leave out its own air pump and air holder.
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Company Name: G.R. ENGINEERS
Company Type: Dealer/Distributor/Trader
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