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Termite Control

Termite Control

Entry Ideal Environment Types Reproduction Damages Caused Preventive measures Treatment
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Product Description:
Entry:- Entry through the soil beneath the structure of building, they can enter though a gap 1/64th inch in building. Ideal Environment :- Dump, dark and moist soil, soil rich in organic matters like wood barks, roots etc. Types :- Over 2300 species are found in termite, among which cryptotermes macrotermes, odontotermes are main species. Reproduction:- The Queen is the only reproductive caste, the reproduction is at its pace during May to August, a single pair can 2500000 to 10000000 offspring. Damages Caused:- Destroy the building structure and cause diseases like infection allergy and asthma. Preventive measures:- Anti termite treatment at pre and post construction stages recommended. Treatment:- Treatment with approved TERMITICIDE can give protection up to ten years depending on the soil condition and structure
Company Name: Radiant Pest Control Services
Company Type: Service Provider
Company Name: Radiant Pest Control Services
Company Type: Service Provider
Mobile No: +919850362211
Phone: +91     985036 2211
Concerned Person(s) :
Mr. Rahul Jagdale - 9850364211
Address: Sr.NO.34/4/2,Archana Apt,Shop No.1,Behind Bharati Vidyapeeth,Dhankawadi,Pune
Area: Mahrashtra
Zip: 411043
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Country: India
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