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Traction Battery

Traction Battery

? Lead Acid Tubular Traction Batteries. ? Lead Acid Tubular Traction Battery Cells. ? Lead Acid Tubular Stationary Batteries. ? Lead Acid Semi Traction Batteries. .
Brand : Traction Batteries
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Product Description:

Traction batteries are used to provide motive power for electric vehicles. The major emphasis while designing traction battery is on the necessity of a high capacity of weight to volume ratio, since the vehicle must also carry its power source. Traction batteries are frequently deep cycled and require a fast charging rate for use, usually within 24 hours. Typical applications are motive power for forklifts and electric carts. Traction batteries are usually of the tubular plate design, which perform more favorably during deep cycle operation.


When a battery is purchased for a forklift truck, the customer expects that it will provide sufficient energy to drive the truck for the necessary time, give a long life and be sufficiently heavy to provide satisfactory counter-balance to the equipment.


Usually the manufacturers of tubular industrial truck batteries stress on efficiency as one of the benefits of their design. This statement is true- Lead is the substance that makes the battery work, gives it its durability and is what the customer pays for. Some manufacturers of “tubular” batteries fabricate their plates from round tubes while others employ tubes with a square profile. Another important point to consider is that all industrial truck batteries are manufactured to meet specific capacity (ampere hour) requirements.

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Traction Batteries
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