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Company Introduction:

Welcome to S. G. Gears

We are manufacturers of Gears,  custom built Gear boxes and precision machined components.  We are in this industry since 24 years. S.G.Gears was started with an vision to become a premier gear and precision machined component manufacturer and achieve customer satisfaction and retention through continuous improvement in manufacturing practices for better quality and prompt delivery.

Our mission is to grow with our customers by establishing all sort of gear cutting  and machining facilities to meet their needs. We have a ’;All Under One Roof’; kind of a set up at Tmebhurni in Solapur District. 

We have facilities to manufacture all types of gears i.e. spur, helical, straight bevel, spiral bevel herringbone gears,Worms and Worm Shafts as well. We also have a wide dimensional range for all these types of gears.  We as per our quality policy deliver 100% quality on the committed date.

Our Facilities include;

  1. Spur Gears (Dia 10 to 400, Module 0.5 to 8)
  2. Helical Gears  (Dia 10 to 400, Module 0.5 to 8)
  3. Worm Gears (Multi start worms can be cut on thread milling machine having capacity of

1000 mm length)

  1. Straight Bevel Gears (Dia 600, Module 10)
  2. Spiral Bevel Gears (Dia 500, module 10)
  3. Internal Gears (Dia 120, Module 4)
  4. Hobbed Gears (Dia 630, Module 10 )
  5. Shaved Gears (Dia 400, Module 8)
  6. Ground Gears (Dia 800, Module 16)
  7. Broached components (10 Ton, 1200 mm stroke and 20 ton 2000 mm stroke)
  8. Gleason 475GMS Gear analyser
  9. Heat treatment (1MT charging capacity)
  10. Metallurgical Lab including Spectrometer, Image analyser, Hardness tester, Impact tester and Universal testing machine.

Over the years S.G.Gears has achieved remarkable growth, we have also established a niche product in form of Bevel Gears. We as a organization see many opportunities in the future as well. With customer centric policies, technical competence and assured quality we have been getting continuous business over the years from customers who are market leaders in their respective fields.  Adding up the facilities that we have planned to, we would achieve total vertical integration of the gear manufacturing process. With these facilities we would become end to end solution to all gear, gear boxes related requirements. The motive of expansion is to achieve greater accuracy and productivity. With advancement in the facilities we plan to cater greater satisfaction to all our customers. We will be pleased to shed your load by taking responsibility of critical and challenging jobs.

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Basic Information

Company Name: S. G. Gears
BusinessType: Manufacturer
Key Products We Sell Straight Bevel Gears,Spiral Bevel Gears,Spur & HelicalGears,Herringbone Gears,Ground Gears,Shaved Gears,Internal Gears,Broached omponents,Custom Built Gear Boxes
Year Of Establishment: 1994
Constitution Type: Proprietorship
No. of Employees: 11 to 50
Annual Turnover: 1 crore to 10 crore
Our Specialities: Niche in Bevel Gear Cutting facilities
Our Sales Presence: United States ,
Certification: ISO9001,
Product/Service Description: Our products include Gears, Gear Boxes and Precision Machined Components like Worm Gear Boxes, Gears, Spur Gears, Helical & Worm Gears, Bevel Gears, Shaved Gears, Auto Gears, Spline Shafts, Precision Gears, Forged Gears & lot more.
Company's Functional Areas: Manufacturing .

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